Are Fathers The Key To A Child's Bright Future?

When a child is born in many parts of the world, it is the mothers who are the centre of attention. Grandmas, sisters, nieces, girlfriends, they all come out to support her. But what about the dads? They are often left out of this inner sanctum, even made fun of because they may not know how to put a diaper on or how to hold a baby properly. But what if, it was precisely a father's engagement with baby that predicted their successes in life?

Dr. Gottman has studied families for over 40 years and based on his research he has found that babies benefit when dads are involved.

For example:

  • babies have higher cognitive functioning at 6 months

  • are more securely attached

  • are more likely to be curious and explore their environment

  • demonstrate a greater tolerance for stress and frustration

  • AND are better able to handle their impulses and emotions!

**This is true for daughters as well as sons**

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