Eleven years ago, the Gottman “Bringing Baby Home” course saved my marriage.  At the time, we had recently lost a full-term baby girl and when our son arrived two years later, my husband and I were not prepared for the stressors, intense emotions and chaos a baby brings to a relationship. We went from feeling like a loving couple to living like quarreling roommates within months.  Our relationship was more fragile than ever.


I adore working with children.  Whether recording cartoons as a voiceover actor or leading a primary classroom as a certified Montessori teacher, I’ve had a unique opportunity to developed active listening, empathy, observational skills and communication proficiency.

The simple tools and techniques we implemented from the course brought us back to connecting and communicating meaningfully again; something that is easy to forget in our busy lives with children.


I have now taken many elements from the “Bringing Baby Home” course, as well as from the Gottman “Emotion Coaching” course and added some of my own researched information and created the course “Happy Parents, Happy Children, How To Keep Your Friendship While Raising A Young Family”.   


As a working Montessori teacher, I see how impactful a couple’s relationship has on their children’s emotional health, social skills and cognitive development.  In my course, I will show parents how their relationship can drastically impact their children and lays the groundwork for resilience and future happiness.  

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