Let me prepare you for the most important and rewarding job you will ever have: 
raising a child.  

Children suffer the most when their parent's relationship is fractured. 

Your relationship with your partner and how to keep emotional intimacy and remain best friends as you raise a family is the greatest gift.  If parents are not able to meet each other's need, how can they meet the needs of their children?  


The Happy Parents, Happy Children workshop will give you the tools needed to remain best friends and be the best co-parents you can be to successfully raise happy, secure and emotionally intelligent children.


This intimate workshop is open to all traditional and non-traditional families, adoptive parents, same-sex couples, single parents and anyone who is expecting a baby or parenting young children.  Everyone is welcome.

Included with each workshop:  

  • Tea, coffee and light snacks

  • Course Workbook

  • Accompanying card decks 

Happy Parents, Happy Children, How to Keep Your Friendship While Raising a Young Family
Time is TBD
Based on Dr. Gottman's research, learn how to maintain a loving, respectful and supportive relationship with your partner while raising a young family. Your non-mobile baby may join you. Limited to 10 couples only. (Price is $400 per couple; includes all materials)


Samantha teaches the workshop from the heart with openness and honesty about her own relationship and how she and her family implement everything she teaches in their daily lives. If you feel your relationship is in need of a little help I highly recommend this workshop

- Gillian, Toronto, ON

"Really positive experience!  Building blocks for us."

- Deborah, Toronto, ON

"Well worth the time and money, and a great way to share and connect with each other and others."

-Steven, Toronto, ON

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CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancel within 30 days and receive a full refund minus a $50 administration fee.  Cancel within 2 weeks and receive 50% of the fee minus $50 administration fee. After 2 weeks there is no refund.